What is our project?

The 1000 schools project aims at providing low income educational centers with technology-related resources such as computers, internet access and a STEAM education. Our project enables minorities to gain access to resources that they might not have. Due to remote schooling options during the COVID-19 Pandemic, many students do not have access to basic prerequisites such as internet, devices and computers. We want to provide these resources and aid young students in the transition from in-person to remote schooling. Since this is a huge financial undertaking, we have contacted many public housing authorities and businesses for their support for this initiative. We hope this will provide students across the country access to these educational resources.

Our Impact

We’ve always been a leader in identifying significant needs in the community and presenting technology in a fun, engaging manner. We were the first to hold an Artificial Intelligence conference for high school students, which is now replicated by many organizations.

Since 2015, GCL has assisted teachers and students in Title 1 schools, public housing districts and low income neighborhoods with technology funding and programming instruction by:

  • Raising funds for robotic kits, technology and internet access for schools and students.
  • Partnering each school with volunteers to develop curriculum and instruct students.

Investing in communities:

  • In partnership with the Tiger Wood Foundation and Accenture, GCL has held many workshops for teachers and counselors to learn to code and support the interests of their low-income students.

Why partner with us on this project?

Support technology education of students in the minority

GCL is uniquely positioned as a leader in emerging technology education for the next generation of technologists at all stages of their career, from elementary school to college.

Introduce families and communities to opportunities they haven’t had

When you pair with GCL, you will see a huge impact on the families and communities these students come from. Through a partnership you will be able to introduce them to new opportunities they may have never had before.

Creating a Lasting Footprint

The people you help through a partnership with GCL will never forget the hand that was extended out to them. Take the moment to be who they remember.

Our role as an organization is to identify significant needs in the community and connect impact-driven, socially conscious organizations such as yourself to support these causes.


Step 1: Identify an Educational Lesion

This person will be someone from your end to be a point of contact. GCL will train this person and provide the educational material for workshops. This person will also be a point of contact for our chapter leader.

Step 2: Recruit participants 

Next, what you’ll need to do is recruit at least 30 students. Generally GCL looks for students who identify as female and/or minorities. You’ll also want to catalog their needs such as technology or internet access.

Step 3: Identify the time period for the 2orkshop to run

Now you’re all set to start the workshop. The very last step is to figure when it will run.


GirlsComputingLeague a nonprofit who aims to empower underrepresented groups in the technology workplace by fostering the interests of young women in computer science, data science, and technology. We specialize in teaching computer science, data science and information technology concepts to students in Northern Virginia and the Washington Metropolitan area.


GirlsComputingLeague is indeed a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (EIN: 47-5186652). All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowable under IRS regulations. We rely on corporate sponsors and individual donors to fund our programs and our team is entirely volunteer-based. You can see a full list of our Executive & Corporate Supporters on our Supporters page. Thank you for considering donating to GirlsComputingLeague. We truly appreciate your generosity!