2021 NY Artificial Intelligence Healthcare Entrepreneurship Summit

Come join us for this interactive Artificial Intelligence Summit to learn about Machine Learning and how it is impacting healthcare!

AI Summit

The Artificial Intelligence Entrepreneurship Summit works to educate the next generation of technologists, innovators, and leaders. From researchers to entrepreneurship trailblazers, this Summit is a unique opportunity to interact with the leaders in the fields of healthcare and computer science from companies and research institutions across the country through workshops and panels. We will also be holding an AIdeathon, where students can submit business pitches for their ideas that utilize an AI technology to enhance the healthcare industry for a chance to win cash prizes!
September 4th – September 5th, 2021
Registration Deadline

September 23rd

AIdeathon Submission Deadline

November 7th

Summit Information

Who Can Attend

All students in grades 6-12, regardless of gender are welcome to attend!

How will the event be held?

The event will be held virtually due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. After registration, participants will receive a link to the Zoom webinar.

Summit Schedule

Day 1

Opening keynotes – 9:00 – 9:30
Workshop 1 – 9:30-10:30
Stretch break 10:30-10:40
Workshop 2 – 10:40 – 11:40
Lunch break 11:40-12:10
Panel 1 – 12:10-1:10
Day 1 Closing Ceremony – 1:10-1:30

Day 2

Opening Remarks- 10:00 – 10:10
Keynote Speaker – 10:10 – 10:40
Introduction to AI Workshop – 10:40 – 11:40
The Path to a Career in AI – 11:40 – 12:40
AI GimKit – 12:40 – 1:00
Closing Remarks – 1:00 – 1:15



Grace Peng

Grace Peng

Grace C.Y. Peng, Ph.D. is the Director of Mathematical Modeling, Simulation and Analysis at the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) within the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). In this capacity she has programmatic oversight of extramural activities in these areas. Dr. Peng received the B.S. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana, the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in biomedical engineering from Northwestern University. She performed postdoctoral and faculty research in the department of Neurology at the Johns Hopkins University. In 2000 she became the Clare Boothe Luce professor of biomedical engineering at the Catholic University of America. Her research focused on developing computational models of the vestibular system in control of the head and neck, and analytical tools for studying the oculomotor system in patients with vestibular dysfunction. Since 2002, Dr. Peng has been a Program Director in the NIBIB, overseeing various programs promoting the development of mathematical and statistical modeling and analysis methods; medical simulation tools; and next generation engineering systems for rehabilitation, robotics, neuroengineering, and surgical systems. In 2003, Dr. Peng led the creation of the Interagency Modeling and Analysis Group (IMAG), which now consists of program officers from multiple federal agencies of the U.S. government. Since 2004, IMAG has supported funding initiatives targeted to multiscale modeling of biomedical, biological and behavioral systems. Since 2006, IMAG has facilitated the activities of the Multiscale Modeling Consortium of investigators. Dr. Peng is committed to promoting the development and use of intelligent tools and reusable models to accelerate biomedical research and translate scientific knowledge to the clinic and community. In 2020, Dr. Peng was elected into the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE) College of Fellows.
Sanjai Murali

Sanjai Murali

Sanjai Murali has worked on a project that started to help stroke patients with movement disorders. It took him 9 years for the efforts of the project to reach patients. The project has now become a company called JOGO Health – a Johnson & Johnson JLABS company. Besides stroke, JOGO helps patients recover from neuromuscular disorders, chronic pain, and incontinence. Please help me welcome Sanjai Murali – Founder & CEO of JOGO Health.
Niki Athanasiadou

Niki Athanasiadou

Niki Athanasiadou, MRes, PhD is a data scientist, specializing in biomedical applications and working closely with companies in the healthcare industry helping them to expand their capabilities using AI. Dr Athanasiadou earned her PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of Edinburgh (UK) and has since worked on personalized medicine solutions and hospital systems applications at the National Institutes of Health, the NYU School of Medicine and the NYU Center for Systems Biology and Currant Institute of Mathematical Sciences. Her work has been published in international peer-reviewed journals and conferences, and has been included in academic textbooks. Dr Athanasiadou has received numerous international awards, including Best UK Young Biochemist of the year, the Open Data data-science award by the NYC Office of the Mayor, and two Best Paper of the year awards.
Rafael Coss

Rafael Coss

Rafael Coss is Senior Director of Customer Success at H2O.ai in Mountain View, CA. He is focused on partnering with customers to get value from machine learning and help enterprises take their next steps on their AI journey. At H2O.ai, he has had several roles: Product Marketing, Community, Partner Engineering, and Solution Engineering. Before joining H2O.ai, he was Director of Technical Marketing, Community, and Data Evangelist at Hortonworks. He also has served as the DataWorks Summit program co-chair for three years. Before Hortonworks, he was a Senior Solution Architect and Manager of IBM’s World Wide Big Data Enablement team and co-authored *Hadoop for Dummies*. At IBM, he also had various roles in technical product enablement, quality engineering, and software development across multiple products and initiatives: XML database tools, federated database, and object-relational database. He holds an MS in Computer Science and a BS in Civil Engineering, both from Cal Poly.

Workshop Leaders

Jessica Vartanov

Jessica Vartanov

Jessica Vartanov is a 16 year old, rising junior at Jericho Senior High School in New York. She is currently working on a political campaign for the re-election of a local county legislator, specifically in an intern outreach program to expand the internship program as well as a finance program at the Wharton School of Business. Also, she has been involved in fundraising efforts with the American Red Cross to raise money for fire prevention awareness on Long Island. Furthermore, Jessica is highly involved in school extracurricular activities by being a member of the Varsity Tennis team and being in clubs such as Model Congress and Future Business Leaders of America. She wishes to pursue business, mainly finance and investment banking. She is also passionate about learning other languages such as Italian and Russian, and this year she won a silver medal after participating in a national competition in National Italian Honor Society. In her spare time, she enjoys trading on the stock market, watching shows, and spending time with friends and family.
Zara Qizilbash

Zara Qizilbash

Zara Qizilbash is a 16 year old, Rising Junior at Jericho Senior High School in New York. She has lived all across the world: being born in England, raised in Singapore and now attending high school in the US. Zara has worked for various global foundations such as Kuma Cambodia and Blue Dragons, and has been involved in fundraising efforts with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society as well as the American Red Cross. She is the Vice President of Fundraising for the Jericho Chapter of the American Red Cross. While only in High School, Zara wishes to pursue business, specifically finance and private equity. She is also passionate about helping kids with disabilities, due to her own brother being deaf. Zara is president of her own non profit foundation, Hopestic Foundation, and has worked with a non profit bakery that was run by her peers. In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching shows, and socialising with friends.
Michael Batavia

Michael Batavia

Michael Batavia is an incoming freshman at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering, a Regeneron Science Talent Search semifinalist and a prior executive director of the leading hackathon in Long Island, TeenHacks LI. Michael is directly interested in using machine learning and deep learning with medical fields to solve pressing problems including pre-diagnosing breast cancer from histology images, creating a device to help the blind navigate large metropolises and diagnosing real and fake medical news. Consequently, he is interested in making his own start-up in the near future in order to intersect the roles of app development, artificial intelligence and biochemistry to automate these tasks and make them more available to help patients nationwide. Check him out on LinkedIn and GitHub!
Arush Sanbui

Arush Sanbui

Arush Sanbui is a rising sophmore at West Windsor Plainsboro High School. He is a 14 year old who first started coding with Python at the start of his freshman year, and then started to delve more into coding and graphic design, and also learning parts of Java. Arush is a graphic designer at The Bloom Initiative which aims to spread STEM education, something he is passionate about. Though he only started computer science in September, he hopes to pursue cybersecurity in the future. When Arush gets time, he loves to code, play games, and spend time with family.


Oluwaseun Omotayo

Oluwaseun Omotayo

Oluwaseun Omotayo is a Computer Science major, a Product Marketing Intern at Bandwidth, Inc, and has just started volunteering with Neutrify as the head of their Digital Marketing Team.
Trevor Hu

Trevor Hu

Trevor Hu is a senior at Georgetown University studying Biology
Hafis Adegun

Hafis Adegun

Hafis is a 1st Year Medical Student at George Washington University

Rules and Registration

Once you submit your registration, you will have access to a form where you can submit your innovative idea. You don’t need to implement your project, just create an entrepreneurship plan, presentation, and speech to deliver at the event.

Due to challenges with sending prizes to students internationally as a nonprofit organization, only students located in the US will be eligible to receive a prize for the AIDeathon. However, international students are still welcome to compete and direct their prize money, if they win an award, as a donation to a nonprofit organization of their choice.

Project Questions

In the Entrepreneurship Plan, participants will need to answer the following questions:
1. What is your innovative product/service?
2. What problems is your product/service designed to solve?
3. How is your product/service innovative and different from other products/services intended to solve the same problems?

In the Entrepreneurship Pitch, participants will need to address the following areas (5 minutes):
1. Product need and what problem it solves
2. Market size for the product
3. What the product does and its features. How does the product use AI?
4. Competitive analysis (how is the product different than other products)
5. Product demo, screenshots, or pictures, if applicable
6. Future vision for the product

Let’s Change Together!

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